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Sometimes you get a break - an unexpected break - with all our investigations leading us nowhere, Agent Etsuko was cleaning her shoes with our map, when she noticed an odd scrawl on the back... It was an international phone number - a number that a quick trace revealed was used by an amazingly brutal Despot - his crimes included not only brutalizing the ethnic population of his country, but murder and maiming of US Citizens - and as if that weren’t enough, he was harboring stores of Nuclear devices and other Weapons of Mass Destruction..!!

I got on the phone: “Boss we’ve got a hot one!”

“Kin ya make it snappy? We’re havin’ us a big bar-bee-cue here - hey Jeb, stoke it up good now, toss some more a them uncounted ballots on the farr..!”

Etsuko cleaning her shoes with the map
Heidi holding a phone

“Sir, we have a direct line to one of the biggest Nogoodniks in the middle east!! Would you like to send in the Marines, or should we take the Bum out ourselves..?!?”

“Ehh, whazzat? Not thet many Jeb, we need ta save some fer the convention...”


“Ehh, we seem to be having a bad connection somewheres Agent - Anyways, we’re all a li’l busy here, so tell me, does this evil-doer have any oil wells..?”

“Uh, - No - I don’t believe so sir...”

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