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Biff Bash - Look Ma, No Teeth!!

Striking south, where trouble was reported, we found things just as bad as before the war... a cadre of obscenely rich and powerful tyrants ruling over a suppressed class of poor and powerless...


After a few interrogations we discovered we were now in Kuwait, one of our oldest and most wealth-- virtuous Allies...

“Sorry ‘bout the teeth, sir... but a modern dentist can do wonders with your money...”

“WHERE you getting that clummy MAP???”

Etsuko disgruntled

With active physical inter-- er, investigations proving fruitless, it seemed advisable to resort to more traditional methods, tried and true methods, time-tested methods of investigation -- A stake-out..!

“How we are staking out whole clummy countly?”

Etsuko & Heidi point in opposite directions

“You take one side - I’ll wait on the other - we’ll surround ‘em...”

“Which side - what side? With clummy map we not know which where we are..!

Where you get clummy map anyway..?!?”

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