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After beating a few of the ungrateful villagers ourselves, we traveled south and before long had come across irrefutable evidence of Bio-Terrorism and chemical agents that could wreak havoc upon any civilian population..! However, soon a group of locals showed up and explained to us that we were now in Afganistan, and the biological agents being cultivated were pharmaceuticals in great and profitable demand in the Free World - not only that, but they all proclaimed themselves loyal US Allies and were demonstrating their appreciation of Capitalism by growing the largest Poppy Crop in a decade...

Etsuko zonked on Poppies
Afgani Leader

“It is all supply and demand - You see, beautious Infidel harlot liberators, we are reconstituting a growth industry to pre-position ourselves for an exploding demand of our indigenous products in your glorious West...

By combining our local expertise with traditionally low labor expenses, Allah be praised -- we hitch our wives to the plow -- we are enabled to output quality product in a timely and predictable volume, thanks to the protection of your brave troops, and for a truly nominal price in American lives and a completely irrelevant price in Afghans...”

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