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Cut to:

Old Digger and skull

“Alas, poor Ali... I knew him, Horatio... Horatio? oh, I forgot, he got you too...

Ahem! Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Rosenkrantz - Rosen-whaziz? Guildenstern? Nope, also goners... and with names like that in an Islamic culture, it’s no wonder..!

Polonius? Hmmm, nope, he got him too... Ah, well, the play’s the thing--Ahem! “Alas, poor Yorick...”

“Pardon me, pacified native...”

“Eh? I crave thy indulgence, fair infidel wench, I do but practice my Shakespeare so I can get a fat acting career on Broadway and get the hell out of this dump...”

Digger with Heidi & Etsuko flashing badge

“We rooking for Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destluction.”

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