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Heidi, speaking on phone

So we called DHS Headquarters,
“Where’d you get these crummy maps?”

HQ: “Those maps were a patriotic donation by Mr. Cheney... printed by a chain of service stations his oil company, er, absorbed... a valuable gift to the agency.”

“VALUABLE? They don’t show a damn thing!!”

HQ: “But the map shows all the important details, agent...”

“Details? What details!?!? It just shows oil wells! No cities, no towns, no landmarks, no national borders, no rivers, no roads... Nothing but stinking oil wells!!”

HQ: “Like I said, agent... all the important details...”

...But, at that point, we seem to have gotten disconnected...

“Hmmph! Clummy map, still Clummy map!!”

Etsuko miffed

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