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“That’s all very well, but -- We just want the Snacks Mam...”

“Oh my, very well yes,” babbled Teapot, “Heh Heh, oh yes! We are but peaceful simple farmers who look nothing like those other two guys...”

“Heh heh, most amusingly true, Oh yes, Oh yes!” Birdnest gabbled, “This is so - he are looking nothing like them and I are looking nothing like them also..!”

Heidi crosseyed

“The Snacks -- Just the Snacks..!!”

Birdnest man

“See this photograph on back of playing card? Is clear they are two mans and I am but one man - Thusly I couldn’t be them..!”

“Is true, Is truly True,” Added Teapot,- “He could not be them both and I could not be them both also..!”

TeaPot man

“We just want the Snacks Sir -
Just the Snacks!!!”

“Oh very well yes!” Birdnest nattered on, “We are great friends of the great Satan - See, I are even having medal for killing naughty Russians - presented to very own self by father of US of A’s president... See, I am using it to pin up my broken underwears!”

Etsuko covering eyes and Heidi peeking

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