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“Mass destruction? Look around thee, charming harelip! Saddam did just fine with plain old clubs and guns...”

“HARE-RIP? How darring you, to impry I are having speech imprediment!”

Etsuko punches the Digger

“Such Impludence -- I are speaking purfec Engrish!”

“Allow me to rephrase that last comment - Oh charming one: Hark, Whose foot this aged Iraqi breaks? Tis a lass of the east and...”

“Are you Shutsup!”

“Hubble Bubble, Stomp into Rubble... Aye, Stomp on McMuff..?”

“I are saying, Shutting-up!”

“A Houri - a Houri - My kingdom for such a Houri..!”


“Oh mistress! I have been thy footstool patiently - Now let me be thy spaniel for a space, And lick thy dainty, painted, brutal toes Ere once again thou plant’st them in my face...”


Etsuko stomps the Digger

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