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“... And I am having gold watch, also presented to myself by Yankee Dog president’s father, may Allah spit on - er, preserve his name..!” Whined Teapot, as he cowered in his hole... “See, it is inscribing here: ‘To my favorite Middle Eastern Despot...”

Heidi having just punched out Birdnest geezer - while Teapot hides in hole but holds out his watch

“Ehh, that is to say, ’Despot’ being Arabic word of endearment meaning ‘Peaceful Sand Farmer’, Oh Yes, Oh yes! Indeed, indeedy!” he added quickly...

“SHUT UP!!!”

I screamed, as I loosed a few rounds over his head for emphasis.

Eventually, after they had finally stopped frantically bowing and scraping and calling down Allah’s blessing upon our Satanic selves, our Infidel families, our Unbelieving lovers and/or spouses and our Heretic camels and household pets and pests, we were finally able to obtain the requiste information, after which we left the two simple farmers and continued on our quest...

“So Nice to meeting pipple so velly porite, -- Not rike these spoily-splort others who still many-much miffed, onry ‘cause we are bombing and kilring their unworthy selves an famiries... Are they not understanding benefits of modlern civ-vil-iration..?”

Etsuko looking goofily happy

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