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Jose adresses Bikers
"Don't you see, men, it's all a godless commie plot-- to sap your will, to turn you into mindless commie brain-sucked slaves..! Its the domino theory all over, men! First in Southeast Asia they pump you dry, sap your strength and will by puttin' out for free!"
"Unlike American women, they'll do anything-- they'll work for ya, slave for ya, support the family while you loaf, they'll fetch your beer, wash your socks and cook your grits..! Then, before you know what happened, you got a cute li'l VC wife, havin' cute li'l commie babies in Muncie, Indiana!! It's an Invasion, men -- they mean to conquer us, take over with our own progeny, turning our virility, our strength, our precious bodily fluids all against us!"
"Men, unless you want a commie wife an' commie babies, it's our god-given duty to escape, to get back to America, To righteous god-ordained Capitalism! The land of the mini-mart and compound interest -- Where a man can worship at the bar room of his own choice, cheat on his cold, nagging, lazy wife with a good, honest, American hooker, drive like a dern fool on the freeways an' play the Football Pools!!"
Jose & Etsuko with flag backdrop

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