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"They are now, sir... but I had a brilliant idea... why don't we make a documentary of your heroic service during the war?"
Heidi with phone
Phone: (Fitz, crackle) "We musta got us a bad connection, agent, Ah thought you said, "My heroic service..." (crackle, pop!) "Yeah, Rummy! We gotta drop that boat outfit now, start up, "Navy Mess Cook Veterans for Truth" next, an' then, "Navy Shoeshine Boys Veterans for Truth" after that... Good idea!" (Screet! fizz).
"Glad you like the idea, sir, Now we just need a setting for the movie..."
Phone: "Well don't you go setting in mah restroom, less you use one a them Texas T-shirts on the seat, agent..." (crackle, pop) "Ah don't know where that li'l hiney oh yours has been..!"
Heidi blase
"...So I was wondering... can we use the ranch? Its sort of just like the Alamo..."
Heidi drooling
Phone: (fizz, crackle) "What do ya mean, Rummy, you can't give me the Medal oh Honor for coloring inside the lines? Go ahead an' do it!'

(sput, buzz....) the line went dead...

So, with the Chief's gracious permission, we prepared to use the ranch as our movie setting...

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