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I could see her clear blue eyes clouding over with caution, her sweet pink smile fading.

"I don't know," she faltered, "They insisted --"

"Who are ‘they,' doll?" I said soothingly, pencil poised.

Her blue eyes went opaque, her voice cool and careful.

"Miss -- Vikki," she glanced at the calendar, and blushed -- "I'm very sorry to have wasted your time. I hope this will compensate -- " she pulled up her skirt up over a smooth white-velvet thigh, pulled a couple of bills from the top of a sleek stocking.

My eyes crossed trying to focus on the bills and a flash of pink satin scanties at the same time. She dropped the bills on the desk, stood erect in one fluid motion, tippy-tapped across the office and vanished out the door with a seductive flirt of a fluffy white tail, while I was still struggling to untangle myself from my chair.

I bolted into the hall in time to see the lights of the ancient elevator descending. Damn, that thing only worked alternate Tuesdays, and then only one-way.

I stumbled back into the office, blinded by raging hormones, went to the sink, splashed cold water on my face; poured myself another shot of cream soda, splashed that on my face also.

It made my mascara run, but otherwise had no effect. I staggered back to the desk, picked up the two divinely perfumed bills she'd dropped there.

They were both stamped "Account Overdue -- Please Remit Immediately."

Holding the bills the Kitten had left, I pondered my next move...

1: Should I consult Sham's casebook to get some idea of what's going on..? Perhaps this all related to a previous case...

2: Should I take a drink from the office bottle and forget the whole thing..?

3: Or should I follow the Kitten in the tight skirt and frisk her for clues..?

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