February 2018

Aladdin's Vamp

Journey with us now to those thrilling days of the Arabian Nights, when Sinbad sailed the seven seas - Ali Baba met the Forty Thieves - Carpets came with seat belts and FAA certification - and if you got really really lucky, that odd-looking old lamp might just have a Smexy Genie in it...

Yes, 'tis a tale that's been told and retold many times - While in our own particular version (as seen on this month's calendar)... It seems that way, waaaayyyy back in history, when civilization was still a new idea and illicit profits were relatively tax-free, somewhere in the back alleys of Baghdad a foxy young street urchin who went by the alias of Scheherazade, rolled a drunken Vizier, taking his watch, wallet, a Prince of Persia Game Boy and a somewhat retro old lamp with dead batteries... After replacing the batteries and giving the lamp a quick polish with Brasso, she was amazed to perceive a luscious Bunny Genie appear in a poof of magic smoke... The Genie, in gratitude for her release from the lamp, offered three wishes... Well... after using the first two wishes in a local hotel (the type where you pay by the hour), the Vixen used her third wish to request a room full of loot, gold, jewels, chocolate truffles and a Prince of Persia Game Boy... Or at least that was her story when apprehended by the local constabulary...

Fortunately, as such unlikely fables go, ours ends happily as well - the vixen skipped bail, taking the Noon Balloon to Rangoon, where she ran a successful import-export business and was later implicated in a pyramid scheme, selling pyramids to gullible tourists..

And well... guess that's about it... I hope you all enjoy the calendar, and if not, remember it's all free! I don't yet know what we'll be doing for March - Any ideas or suggestions? Maybe a candid scene perhaps, from inside that Baghdad hotel? JQ.


February Calendar Pix:

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