September 2017

Bat Temp Run

Journey with us now back to 1923 – as, continuing with our Calendar Theme of Movie Genres, we take a look at Comedy Action Thrillers – and what could be more thrilling than dangling from a clock face about thirty stories up a skyscraper? Back in the 1920s, people were doing flagpole sitting, wire-walking between buildings, wing-walking on biplanes, free-climbing skyscrapers and all sorts of stunts that would get them locked up today... Perhaps not coincidentally, this was also the period of Prohibition, Gangsters, the Jazz Age, Babe Ruth and Silent Films – If you take people's alcohol away, is it any wonder that they go a little crazy?

As to our Calendar, (thanx to Walt for the idea): It would seem that Bunz & Katz, in an uncharacteristic attempt at being helpful, have almost, but not quite come to the rescue... It's just their hard luck that the fellow they tried to aid is Harold Lloyd, who became an avatar of people dangling from precarious places... Not realizing that this this was a movie shoot and that Lloyd's desperate dilemma was all for yucks, things have gone from bad to Oops! Instead of "Safety Last" - Bunz is now "Safety Pantsed!"

Speaking of Wild and Weird Movie Genres – meet the "Bunny with too many names" – as Bunz & Katz have their own Facebook page now – just click on this text to link to it!

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September Calendar Pix:

Safety Pantsed small pix