December 2017

Pizza Skip

And Lo, in those days of legend, three wise Magi journeyed from out of the east, guided by a glowing mystical sign in the evening skies... It may have been a star - it may have been a comet - perhaps a UFO... or, there are those who suppose it may have been the glowing sign of a Pizza franchise...

For verily, not only did the Romans conquer the then-known world, but also imposed upon it their culture, in the form of cheap pizza parlors, off-track betting clip joints, pre-fab ruins... and they also bequeathed us a government which featured Senatorial Corruption of paybacks, sell-outs, graft, greed, even an occasional knife in the back, that has not been equalled until --- well, not until the present day, and our own massively corrupt House and Senate in Washington, DC...

So, leaving behind those oft-told tales of the first Xmas, This December looks to be a Merry Xmas indeed for the White House Resident, as the "Budget" bills being rushed through Congress would grant him and his family members, (along with the rest of the Uber-Wealthy), huge Tax Breaks - plus more major Tax Breaks for Corporations... and a few minor tax breaks for the working class, mostly to act as a Sop, so that the GOP liars, er, I mean "Pundits" can shill this mess to all of you!!

And how do they plan to pay for it all? Seems via cuts to your own Health care & Medicare - Cuts to College funding, various other cuts to popular tax exemptions, all of which would make life tougher for the Average Joe or Jill - along with vastly more Deficit Spending, to name but of a few... What, you thought the Repubs were AGAINST deficit spending? Say, I got a nice condo in downtown Raqqua to sell you! But the REAL "Joke" in all this, is that the breaks for the average working class slob are TEMPORARY - they last just long enough for all of you to vote these Congressional Shysters back into office... and then Expire! While the Tax Breaks for Corporations and the Uber-Wealthy are PERMANENT - they get theirs FOREVER!!

But let's be fair, Corporations like Big Oil, Big Pharma and so on, who already have more money than God, they NEED those Tax Breaks, so that they can buy back stock and pay their already grossly overpaid executives even more! While the average family who are already living paycheck to paycheck - well... you're used to having very little - so having even less shouldn't be all that different (or so they figure)... That is, as long as the GOP can Lie and Equivocate to trick you into believing that you're getting something that you're not!

At times, the guy in the White house has been referred to as the "Chump"... But the real Chumps this Xmas are the GOP working-class faithful who voted for him and would likely be dim enough to vote for him again - you may believe that you're in for a nice tax break, while all your Senators and House Representatives have planned for you, is to stick it up your... Well, you'll find out... JQ...

And now for something completely different - this li'l Xmas story featuring Io & Callisto - those curvy Green Alien Bunnies - in Green Xmas... Uh Huh... JQ


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