Etsuko with MapAugust 2003

Heidi and Etsuko, those Department of HomeLand Security Elves, seem to be looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction in all the Wrong Places...

But then, we can't really fault them, as no one else seems able to locate the things either...

August 15th 2003

Hey Kids, What time is it..??

That's right, It's time for Heidi and Etsuko the Department of HomeLand Security Elves in their search for Weapons of Mass Destruction!! So journey with us now to that Amazing Malororous place, where the "Good Guys" aren't so good, and the Bad Guys are pretty Rotten too..!

We're of course, speaking of Washington DC... However, our story takes place several thousand miles away in a Mythical place known as Iraq...

So Take me to the Story Already!!

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