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November 2014Bronco Bunny


Here we are at another November again and I admit it, I didn't have time to finish a real calendar pix, so I'm foisting off a couple more ersatz Bronco Bunny covers for your ogling enjoyment... Of course, we all remember how back in the late 18 hundreds, Bronco and her moderately faithful Injun companion, Li'l Blondie Beaver, rode the dusty western trails, looking for wrongs to right, or misdemeanors to maladminister... (yes, that's a real word)... and making a general nuisance of themselves... Most of the coloring on these pieces was done by my ol' pal Sean...

But that aside - what do we have to look forward to this November? Gobbling Season - scarfing down all that Turkey an' Gravy an' Stuffing - then there's the beginning of Xmas Shopping Season (oh "Joy") - and there's also the Elections, the "Gift" that keeps on "Giving" (Though I wish they wouldn't!) Is there anyone running for office this time around, who actually deserves the job? Anyone who's actually qualified and trustworthy, who isn't as corrupt as hell? Anyone? Anyone at all?? Raise your hands - Anyone??? Eh, I thought not...

I had an idea one time that might possibly fix this political thing... Y'see, My idea is, we could rig the elections so that everyone who runs WINS - Yes EVERYONE!! Then we send 'em all off to Washington DC, where they can legislate and backbite and vote themselves raises, take payoffs from lobbyists or load on the Pork to their hearts content... Meanwhile, while they're busy with that, we build a wall around the place and never let 'em out again!!

Now I admit this isn't a perfect plan - but I feel we can work out any niggling complications... Such as, if you're worried about the politicians' welfare, we can always throw some raw meat over the wall now and again...

My plan does have the major advantage, that we could all get on with our lives without a mad pack of corrupt loonies complicating things for us... Think about it - it could work!! JQ...

Bunz & Katz Watchers

Cutey Store PixYes, that's right - another Shameless Plug: The Cutey Zazzle store is still cookin' - this month has new designs for your perusal... Now we've got Beer steins and Coffee mugs imprinted with the Bunny's image... and also T-Shirts, posters, buttons, cards, neckties, mouse pads and skateboards, all with the full-color images of Kelly, Vicky, Bronco Bunny, Li'l Blondie Beaver, even the Battle Maids pictured here, a Bedroom Angel and Mermaid Jazz too... All at the new Cutey Bunny Store! So Go have a look -

Check it out at the Cutey Bunny Zazzle Store !

Also, my two "Battle Babe" Designs for Bombing Shirts, have been posted to their web site! You can find the link here:


Bronco Covers small pix

November 2014

Miss Vikky says, "Just call me Trigger!"

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Sputnik small calendar pix

October 2014

Sergei Korolev's Sputnik Space Launch!

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 Bronco Bunny Giff

Bronco Bunny

Journey with us Now to those thrilling Days of YesterYear with the Rootinest Tootinest Ohio Ranger of 'em all:

Bronco Bunny Rides Again!

Vikki Marlowe Pix

Sorry 'bout the Vikki Marlowe story, Walt & I got involved with a different project, which temporarelly has been taking up most of our free time... but we'll be getting back to updating this before long...

The New Adventures of: Vikki Marlowe...

Also, Click Here for a li'l sketch of Vikki herself...

CuteyKiSS Pix

And Now For something Not Quite Completely Different:

Hey, thanx to the guys over at the Cutey Bunny Fan Club site, for those of you who've been asking about the Cutey Kiss Doll - Well you can now download both it and the incomplete expansion set from the Cutey Bunny Fan Club (check out the Linx page for their Yahoo URL)... Of course this means that you'll have to join the club, but that's a painless thing to do...

 Cutey Calendar Backlist Pix

 The Old QT Calendar Section

If you have a hunch that 1998 might come around again, then this could be the section for you..!

 Taffy Story Book Pix

 Quag's Comix Pages

As time goes by we'll be adding more material here, It all depends on time available and so on... If there's anything specific anyone would like to see posted, Well give us some feedback and we could consider it...

Vicky Pix for Linx Page

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Hey we've actually added some links... "So where", might you ask, "Could be better than where you are right now..??"

(Well,.. actually nowhere)... but here's a few places that aren't half bad...

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