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July 2014Beach Bunny Io

As it's July and Bikini Season, we had a request for a pin-up of Io and Callisto, those two green alien Bunnies and their um... "friends" - who we find in this candid beach photo frolicking in the exotic seas of Enceladus... (For those of you not up on your astronomical minutiae, Enceladus is the 6th largest moon of the Saturn system - or fourteenth in ordered distance, when counting outwards - give or take one or two large chunks of orbital icebergs) Another interesting factoid concerning Enceladus, are the great geysers venting from it's southern polar sea - True, many scientists believe the moon's southern sea to be icy cold, but seems that the bunnies know of warm volcanic vents heating this section of the beach front... In fact, I'm told that there's a quite nice resort in the region, catering to somewhat out of town clientele...

Additional note: for those of you know it alls, who are about to write and quibble that, "From the southern poll of Enceladus, Saturn's ring plane would be seen edgewise (or nearly so)"... We already know that - However, sparing no expense or difficulty, we had the Moon moved just for this Photo opp... Don't fret, it was carefully nudged back into it's old orbit afterwards... Y'see, there's a couple of alien A.I.s who owed me a favor... (Should you be wondering who those might be, perusing Bunz & Katz could offer a clue)... JQ

Note: The Calendar Pix was revised and the new version uploaded on Sat July 5th - As such, if you had previously downloaded our July Io & Callisto calendar, please update...

Oops! Updated the Calendar AGAIN on July 10th -- Maybe one of these times I'll get it right... JQ

Bunz & Katz Watchers

Cutey Store PixYes, that's right - another Shameless Plug: The Cutey Zazzle store is still cookin' - this month has new designs for your perusal... Now we've got Beer steins and Coffee mugs imprinted with the Bunny's image... and also T-Shirts, posters, buttons, cards, neckties, mouse pads and skateboards, all with the full-color images of Kelly, Vicky, Bronco Bunny, Li'l Blondie Beaver, even the Battle Maids pictured here, a Bedroom Angel and Mermaid Jazz too... All at the new Cutey Bunny Store! So Go have a look -

Check it out at the Cutey Bunny Zazzle Store !

Also, my two "Battle Babe" Designs for Bombing Shirts, have been posted to their web site! You can find the link here:


Io & Callisto small pix

July 2014

The exotic seas of Enceladus...

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Beach Bunny Small Pix

June 2014

a Peachy Beachy Bunny Calendar...

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 Bronco Bunny Giff

Bronco Bunny

Journey with us Now to those thrilling Days of YesterYear with the Rootinest Tootinest Ohio Ranger of 'em all:

Bronco Bunny Rides Again!

Vikki Marlowe Pix

Sorry 'bout the Vikki Marlowe story, Walt & I got involved with a different project, which temporarelly has been taking up most of our free time... but we'll be getting back to updating this before long...

The New Adventures of: Vikki Marlowe...

Also, Click Here for a li'l sketch of Vikki herself...

CuteyKiSS Pix

And Now For something Not Quite Completely Different:

Hey, thanx to the guys over at the Cutey Bunny Fan Club site, for those of you who've been asking about the Cutey Kiss Doll - Well you can now download both it and the incomplete expansion set from the Cutey Bunny Fan Club (check out the Linx page for their Yahoo URL)... Of course this means that you'll have to join the club, but that's a painless thing to do...

 Cutey Calendar Backlist Pix

 The Old QT Calendar Section

If you have a hunch that 1998 might come around again, then this could be the section for you..!

 Taffy Story Book Pix

 Quag's Comix Pages

As time goes by we'll be adding more material here, It all depends on time available and so on... If there's anything specific anyone would like to see posted, Well give us some feedback and we could consider it...

Vicky Pix for Linx Page

QT Linx

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