As the contents of this story are of a moderately tacky nature:Jungle Bunny TopPix

If you are not at least 18 years of age, or if you suppose that viewing such dicey and admittedly lame content may cause you mental anguish, religious torment, bad breath or unsightly hair loss, then we urge you to go view some other more wholesome content somewhere else instead!!

Are they gone??

Are you sure??

Whew!! • • Well, that's got rid of them!!

As for the rest of you (you know who you are), The following Jungle Heather story - featuring our Blonde Bunny Cutie, contains little of redeeming value - sketchy unfinished drawings - plus situations and positions unbecoming the well-behaved jungle chick or Bunny - that is to say: these pages are not actually "Finished" per se, as they're not inked or colored- they're basically my rough sketches laid out with panels and text balloons and such... It's probably about as "Finished" as the story is ever going to get... an' Hey, it's all *Free*!! With any luck, you ought to find a chuckle or two within these pages... Did I mention, it's all *Free*!?!

By clicking on this link or Bunny, you assert that you are of age, in a proper frame of mind and all that...

Jungle Chix once lived life in the raw,
But now they all shop at the Tropical Mall,
No pelts, skins or hides (they're so Neanderthal!)
It's nylons and Spandex for today's jungle doll.
She feels sleek and chic in a perm by Clairol,
Poly-Leopard scanties and a push-up Ze-bra!

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