February 2021

Al & Pandora

Once upon a time – back in the '80s there was an obscure li'l comix named "Army Surplus Komix" (featuring some odd bunny character or other)... While in the back-up strip, Al & Al of Space Gophers Inc. went bar hopping in search of the sleaziest dive in that sector of the universe, a bawdy roadhouse by the name of "Dirty Zelda's"... Along their meandering way, Al & Al met a number of strange and often belligerent characters, though they never seemed to stumble across their destination...

Cut to: nearly the present, or the year before the last anyway, when it was requested that I finish the Gophers' quest... After a modicum of thought on the matter, I scribbled out a page – which I didn't get around to finishing till last month... You can find it here at BunznKatz.com, by clicking this link...

It would seem that Al & Al still haven't stumbled upon Dirty Zelda's, though they do seem to have wandered into an equally disreputable and possibly familiar dive in a galaxy not that far away, in fact too close for comfort! Which bring's us to our calendar this month – it seemed a fun idea to use the final panel of the Zelda page for the thing... (and a lot easier than drawing something new)... And so we present: (drum roll please) "A Night at... well somewhere or other that's not Dirty Zelda's... JQ.


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