November 2020

Dodger Bunz

This month's calendar is somewhat retro, in that the World Series was in October... But the thing is, I was so busy gettin' the "Rudie's Horriblest Halloween" page finished in time for All Hallows Eve, that I had little time to even think about a desktop calendar... So here we are with a quick bit of Baseball buffoonery – It's odd that a Los Angeles team won the Series while not a single game was played here, or even in California... in fact, this seems to be only the second World Series to be played entirely in a single stadium... (The first was in 1944, when the St. Louis Cardinals faced off against the St. Louis Browns in the old Sportsman's Park) – In case you're curious, the St. Louis team won...

In November, of course, we have an election... one candidate running for President, and the other for Dictator... Voters going to the polls have a choice between Democracy, Decency, Unity, restoring the Economy and the Environment... or Hatred, Divisiveness, Lies, Gross Corruption, Injustice, Pollution, Rampant Pandemic and Racism... I mean, how is that even a choice??

So let's all get out an vote to give Trump 20 more years... in Leavenworth!!


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