Calendar Download – October 2020

Honey Boat

Our October calendar has little or nothing to do with Halloween this year, though it was sparked off by a related idea... A few days back I was thinking, "What would be the most grotesque, disgusting Halloween costume ever – based upon a Bloviating, Lie-Spewing, Racist, Ignorant, Incompetent, Anti-Democracy, would-be Fascist Tyrant?" (First Clue: the mask would be basically orange, with a $70,000 tax write-off hairdo)... Not that there's likely to be much Trick or Treating this year – Hopefully wise parents will buy their kids some candy and keep them home!

It rather boggles the mind how badly Trump has screwed up any chance of combatting the pandemic... All he had to do was turn the job over to the CDC - the Center for Disease Control - this is what the department was created for! If they were successful, Trump could've still claimed the victory – while if they failed, then they were ready-made scapegoats for him to blame... Instead, Trump insanely blocked the CDC's efforts (as well as the State governments). He's appointed political toadies who have no knowledge or experience with disease control, falsified data, suggested dangerous "remedies" and lied at every opportunity as to the results, while over 200 thousand Americans have died, many unnecessarily if proper measures had been taken... It would be difficult for anyone to do a worse job if they were trying to fail!! And yet it goes on, Trump still spews lies - victims still die, with thousands more yet to die, while this evil deranged clown remains squatting in office, enabled by the totally corrupt GOP! Could it get any worse? Unfortunately, It probably can! JQ

October 2020 Calendar Pix:

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