December 2020

Rudie Make My Day!

We began this year with a Rudie Calendar, an' looks like we're going out with another one – The Ersatz Santa Caper... Yep, it seems that, Once Upon a Time, way back in 2019, I'd come up with the idea of Rudie as Santa's Enforcer and planned to introduce her for Xmas... I had also penciled out a calendar idea for December – however, to keep Rudie somewhat "secret," we didn't show her face or head... But eventually I set aside the idea as rather pointless... Which brings us around to this December – with nothing better to do, I thought I might as well finish the thing for 2020...

Seems somehow appropriate, here we are at the rump end of the year, lookin' at Rudie's rump... Also looking forward to, (if you can call it that) to a "Lame Duck" session of a Rump Congress, composed of the same old corrupt GOP Senators, still determined to do nothing to help those suffering from the Pandemic and economic shutdown, unless the corporations get their pound of flesh first – That is, the Protection from Lawsuits or Compensation for any employees forced to work in unsafe or infectious working conditions... Meanwhile, Trump is even more Bug-F*ck Demented than usual, attempting to subvert democracy and the election results...

Doesn't it make you feel all warm an' fuzzy, knowing that the GOP is still parroting the lies and kowtowing to a crazed wannabe Dictator, while simultaneously sticking it to the average working guy an' gal one last time this year with their booby-trapped "Xmas Present?" That's real multitasking talent for you! So get out the Eggnog an' look on the bright side... at least you'll get to see tRump's Rump vanishing in the distance, as he leaves our White House at last! JQ...


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