April 2020

Rainy Day Bunz

Rainy Day Fun with Bunz

They say that, "April Showers bring......... CoronaVirus?!?

Y'see, how this all came about – Once Upon a Time, Umpteen oodles of years ago B.C. (That's Before Web Comix), as the Sumerians retold the tale, there occurred one heck of a cataclysm in Mesopotamia – rain, hail, lightning, a run on toilet paper and one humongous (that's a really really big) Deluge overflowing the river valley of the Tigris and Euphrates... A flood which likely spread from horizon to horizon...

To those Early Bronze Age survivors who managed to scramble to higher ground, it probably seemed as though their whole world was inundated – after all, they'd never heard of Europe, or China, Peoria or even DizzyLand... As such, no one thought to check on whether those far-off places were also under water or not... And thus, the tale was jotted down on a clay tablet, which was later copied and elaborated on by the Babylonians, then the Assyrians, then the Persians, an' so on an' so forth... You may be passingly familiar with the story yourself...

Which brings us to today – It seems that currently we have our own truly world-wide pandemic crisis to deal with... Unfortunately, unlike someone passably competent, such as old Noah, being in charge, all we have is a corrupt, incompetent, orange nut-job blathering contradictory and imbecilic lies, excuses and self-congratulations for the shoddy job that he's been doing – all of which has only made a bad situation that much worse! People are dying because of the delays, confusion and chaos caused by the ignorant sludge he's been spewing!

Perhaps the one take-away that we should all learn from this is: "When you elect an A**Hole, expect it to Rain Sh*t!!"

Or to quote the late Oliver Hardy, "This is another fine mess!"


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