September 2020

a Waskally Wabbit

And now a PopQuiz: What was the Greatest Disaster of these past couple of weeks?

1: Hurricane Laura?

2: More Shootings by Police and right wing terrorist groups?

3: The total U.S. Coronavirus deaths, topping MORE than 3 times all the U.S. deaths during the Vietnam War? (that's 14 years of War times 3 all compressed into less than one year)... Meanwhile total U.S. infections now top 6 Million!

4: Or the GOP Convention??

Personally I just missed viewing the GOP Con – as someow by accident I'd tuned in Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Will"... Perhaps Adolf Hitler making a speech should have tipped me off... but Gosh Whiz, other than that, it sure sounded like media clips from the GOP Con!

That aside – For our calendar this month we take a look at Religion in relation to that "Old Barroom Joke"... Okay, so it's really just an excuse to cobble together a desktop calendar with recycled art - I didn't even make up the Rabbi typo bit... It's all second hand – but Hey, you get what you pay for... JQ


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