May 2020

Zooper Bunz

It seems there's not a lot of happy news lately... For those reading this, at least we've all survived 'til May – While in less than 3 months, more US citizens have died from the coronavirus than died in 19 years of the Vietnam war... In ONE day in April, more US Citizens died than in 13 years of the Afghanistan war!! Meanwhile the orange Clown in the White house tells us how magnificently he's been managing it all – Could he possibly be doing any worse?!? Bugger All!!

Our calendar this month has nothing to do with any of that – It reflects the current Bunz & Katz story, such as it is, as I use up some old page layouts from 2011 & 2015 – Something to do with Lard, Soy and CMO–laden Grease Burgers... Yum Yum! Just whatever you do, don't ask for fries with that!! JQ...


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