August 2020

BaseBall Bunnies

It seems that Baseball is back – for a while anyway – the 2020 season has started late and may end early... Yep, the Great American Pastime is sorta hit-and-miss this year – Mainly "miss," as one team after another announces its season schedule, only to back off as more and more members contract that Pandemic Bug... Perhaps the surviving teams may end up with a scratch–together lineup, including ball boys (and/or girls) groundskeepers an' anyone who isn't coughing that day, playing sandlot games in front of an audience of cardboard cutouts... Sorta like our Government at the moment, where the White House team couldn't even make the third-string scrubs! Well, one can only long for November 3rd, when the Umpire will finally shout:

"Replace Obamacare!"
Stee-rike One!

Stee-rike Two!

Stee-rike Three!

"Biggest in inauguration in History..."
Stee-rike Four! Hey, what the hell?!?

"Blah Blah Blah... Lie – Whine – Slander..."
Stee-rike Five , Six, Seven, Eight... ETC...

"The Chinese Virus will just go away!"
Stee-rike Sixteen!

"Most fraudulent election in history!"
Stee-rike Seventeen! ... Cheesus Cripes, Yer OUT Awreddy!


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