April 2019

Dendera Bunz

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As Easter comes around sometime this month, it seemed like a good time to celebrate the annual turning of the seasons – the rebirth of nature – the promise of fertility from Mother Nature – Which is why we blew the dust off a carton of old artwork and pulled out the Dendera calendar from a few years back... Yes, Dendera and the Temple of Hathor, mother Goddess of ancient Egypt, where, in a yearly ritual a procession of Bunny Priestesses would carry the mystic glowing Eggs of Creation – Pacing gracefully through the ancient corridors to the great altar where the sacred fertility rites took place...

Unfortunately, this year all the Smexy Bunny Priestesses insisted on working for scale, so we had to recruit our hapless li'l Space Alien Invader, Bunz... Who might be a bit short on the Smex, but at least she has some bunny-like aspects, and best of all she works cheap... We tried to find her one of those Mystic Eggs, but they cost Too Much per Dozen these days – so Bunz had to find a suitably impressive Egg on her own... Which as it turns out, is not exactly "Mystic" – "Ooky" or "Horrifying" might be a better description! Hopefully she can put it back where she found it – With any luck, before its Mother shows up!! JQ...


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