March 2019

The Bat Temp

For no good reason, this month, we feature a:

Batta Batta Batta Batta Batta Batta Batta Batta Bat-Temp Calendar!!

Yes, for your average neighborhood Costumed Hero, when the gritty chores of Crime Fighting, battling the endless succession of SuperVillains wearing even goofier costumes, and the thankless dank nights lurking about on lonely rooftops, risking fatal falls, sniper's bullets and the sniffles... When all that begins to undermine their cheerless maniacal obsession with a sense of the absurdity of it all... That's when they call on the Bat-Temp to fill in for a bit, while they take off on vacation... So when evil bad guys threaten, when you're in peril, do not scream and do not scurry and above all, do not call the Bat Temp! She doesn't do house calls!

If you missed the story the first time around, it all starts here....

Meanwhile, seems we're into the second week of Chump's great Notional Emergency - So how are you doing so far? Has the Sky fallen? Has your burg been overrun by ... um ... Rosicrucians? Whigs? Space Aliens? SuperVillains? Anyone? Any signs of a wall being built?? Y'know, If we didn't have Chump's word for it, almost would seem like there is no actual emergency at all... Odd, isn't it?? JQ...

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