August 2018

Toxic Chump

Well, as if global warming and huge wildfires weren't bad enough, now we're getting more Hot Air from the All-White House (Doesn't he know any "Negotiating Tactic" other than acting like a Classroom Bully?) with the Twit-In-Chief now fulminating about a War with Iran... As such, I think that we Americans should remember two important anniversaries this month - August 6th and 9th... "So what's special about the 6th and 9th?" You might well ask... That is when, back in '45, Hiroshima and Nagasaki went up in nuclear fireballs... You can be certain that the people of Japan haven't forgotten, and any person with two brain cells to rub together should be determined that this never happens again!!

There have been very few times in history when War was the best option - or even the only option... While only a wealthy, loudmouthed draft dodger who never spent a day in the military would think that Nuclear War should EVER be a viable option!!

So... we had a nuclear deal with Iran, maybe not the best deal, but the rest of Europe had signed onto it... and then the Twit-In-Chief pulled out of the deal - and now Iran is cranking out nuclear fuel again... Meanwhile North Korea was testing missiles, and So the Twit-In-Chief went and signed a piece of paper with Li'l Kim - who is now busy building more missiles... Does it occur to anyone that we might do better to have a trained Seal as our negotiator? An' hey, a Seal would work for Fish!

As for Bunz & Katz, in our calendar pix - seems that they're visiting Bikini Atoll to get one of those glow-in-the-dark Gamma-ray tans from the Able and Baker tests of Operation Crossroads... It seems that once upon a time, way back in 1946, the US generals, admirals an' guys with "scrambled eggs" on their hats, all decided to see what might happen if they nuked a fleet of ships that they didn't much want any more (it seemed a good idea at the time)... The "Nuclear Fleet" of 95 ships even included a few from the Japanese and Germans that had somehow evaded being sunk - like the old Battleship Nagato... Oddly enough, the Prinz Eugen, which you may recall from the Bismarck debacle, is one of a very few ships to survive both blasts... While CV-3 Saratoga, one of only two US carriers to survive through the whole war, was there too... In fact, it's still there – on the bottom of Bikini lagoon... JQ


August Calendar Pix:

Nuclear Summer - small pix