March 2018

Bunz & Katz TopPix

Winter has finally arrived in Southern California – the Snow, the Sleet, Blizzards, Freezing cold, Icy roads, Avalanches, Flu Epidemics, Abominable Snowmen running amuck in the streets... Yes, I watched it all on TV - sure looks cold in the rest of the US of A!!

Meanwhile, as per the news this week, it seems that the North Pole is Melting... So for our Calendar this month, we thought perhaps we'd present a candid pix of same... Because whether you like it or not, there is this thing *Ahem* known as "Climate Change" - which is mainly caused by wholesale burning of fossil fuels - that is, according to the Scientists... But not to fear, not to worry, not to panic, scream an' scurry... for our Fearless Leader (who wouldn't want to confuse his constituents with anything like Evidence or Facts) has solved the problem at one stroke! Yes, he has removed the words "Science" and "Climate Change" from all government publications... and to Protect our Environment, he has put a Fossil Fuel Executive in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency! That'll whip the (deleted word) into shape, all right! No need to worry what the (deleted word)s say, (deleted words) are no longer a problem! Now we can all go back to watching Jeopardy... JQ


March Calendar Pix:

Global Warming - small pix