September 2018

Abbey-Normal Road

Seems back in September of 1969, the year that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in Apollo 11, the Beatles released their penultimate album, "Abbey Road," with the LP cover photo that has become an icon of kitsch art... So, as this is another September some 49 years later, I figured why not do a Bunz & Katz version? "Abbey-Normal" Road... (a Phrase from "Young Frankenstein" that the late Art Bell loved to use on his radio show)...

Now while I generally prefer the early, hard-rockin' Beatles, I LOVED this album! When I was workin' at this game company where we crafted unedifying marginally educational games, I'd slip the CD into my trash Pentium box and play it over and over in a loop until the other guys in the room threatened to throttle me... Even today, when I hear "Mean Mr. Mustard," I think, "They're playing my song"! JQ...


September Calendar Pix:

Abbey-Normal Road - small pix