July 2017

Moxie Easy Street

Continuing with our Summer theme of Movie Genre Calendars, So far we've done Film Noir and B-Westerns, which brings us to Cop movies:

Yes, Before there was Dirty Harry - before Joe Friday - before Eliot Ness, there were the Keystone Kops! You want to talk about "Police Brutality" - you want to talk about "Excessive Force" – well you shouldn't talk to those guys, unless you want to get bonked on the head or a pie in the face! When they were on patrol, no one was safe! (occasionally not even the Crooks)... So to reenact one of their escapades, we found an old Model-T Patrol Wagon, rounded up our stock company of out-of work cartoon characters an' headed out for a film shoot...

Everything went okay for a while - we got some nice candid shots - ran over a fire hydrant, busted up a stop sign or two - but when you're cruisin' around as a Keystone Kop, you just know that a train is going to be involved somehow... an' inevitably with these kind of chases, when racing a train - well, the rails and road are going to cross where something horrible might happen... In our case, Kelly got a run in her stocking an' someone got bopped -- I can't say who, or she might hit me again...

Next time (hopefully posted on time) our calendar theme will be Jungle Epics, the type that were filmed on a studio back lot in a half-acre of weeds an' shrubs, with some guy in a scruffy gorilla suit an' a moth-eaten lion... JQ



July Calendar Pix:

KeyStone Kops small pix