April 2017

Kelly Easter Bunny

I'd thought that it might be fun to play a li'l April Fools joke and get the calendar posted on time this month... But well... one thing led to another and here we are, late again... I hardly have any excuse, as this pix was sketched and inked for February... Then it was pointed out to myself that Chocolate Bunnies were really more of an Easter thing than a Valentines thing - so I set the pix aside for coloring later... Which brings us around to now - Kelly posing in a Chocolate Sampler box... Yum Yum! (Probably not available at the candy counter in your local 5 an' Dime)...

Also, should anyone be wondering just how the Bunny got included into the Easter Story - Click here for a li'l bit that I typed out back in 1999 that perhaps will explain it all. JQ...


April Calendar Pix:

Chocolate Bunny Sampler Small Pix