December 2016

Bunny Ouches

Well, this seems to be the Season for Surprises – shocking an' painful surprises, such as when the Amurrican Public Gets it Up the Arbuckle... So when our favorite All-American Bunny Girl meets the same fate, we can all feel her pain! Who'd have thunk that Auntie Zoe's Christmas Catalog of Voodoo Potions and Philters would have offered such an authentic gimmick??

Kind'a makes one stop an' wonder, what other Xmas surprises might Victoria have in store for the Bunny? Y'know, that might make for a story - umm... well maybe one of these days...

Odd thing about this Calendar - seems I'd sketched it out last year, but then must've run out of time, as it seems we went with a recycled version of the "Xmas Story Abridged"... Following that with one thing or another, I totally forgot about the Voodoo Doll Xmas Angel. it was only while searching for something else that I stumbled across the sketch again this year and thought it might be fun to finish up the pix...

With that, I supose I should finish hashing out the HTML and get this calendar posted... JQ

December Calendar Pix:

Voodoo Doll  Xmas Angel