February 2016

Bunz Mobster

Seems like here it is February and Bunz & Katz are set to celebrate Valentine's Day 1929 style... For those of you who don't recall, it was probably the most infamous Valentine's Day ever - when the Al Capone's Chicago South Side Gang shot down 7 members of the North Side Bugs Moran mob... But hey, they were jus' wild an' crazy guys - It was Prohibition era, when celebrating with a li'l Tommy gunplay was the in-thing... Back then, they took their bootlegging seriously!

But Y'know, in today's world, with all the political bashing an' backbiting, not to mention the huge mess in Syria & Iraq, perhaps we could use a few guys like Scarface Al, to move in on the competition's territory an' put the slug on 'em!

There's also a Bunz & Katz comix page that goes with this calendar. just click this link to go there...

But that aside - should mention that Kelly has her own Facebook page!! Check in and see what she's up to - Okay?? JQ


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