November 2016

Mistress Kelly

Well here we are at another November - the big thing this month, I suppose, is Turkey Day, when we go to the polls to choose between the Awful or the Gawd Awful - so, vote for the Turkey of your Choice...

If it's true that people get the leaders they deserve, then perhaps this says something about the U.S. of A. that most of us are in denial about...

Execrable election results aside - As I patch together the html tonight, I'm listening to the 7th game of the World Series... If I'd had more faith in the Cubs, I might've done a Cubbie Calendar... But now it's all tied up in the 9th and the rain is pouring down... Will they be able to finish tonight?

Okay - the Rain Delay is over - on to the 10th inning, and the Cubbies manage to squeak through to an 8-to-7 WIN!! Amazing! I'd never thought that I'd live long enough to see the Cubbies win the World Series!!

Then again, though I've been rooting for the Cubbies, I do have mixed feelings about all this - that is, isn't the Cubs winning the World Series, the 3rd sign of the Apocalypse?? That plus the impending travesty of an election... Oh Gee - we are in such deep sh*t!!

As for the remainder of the month, generally it gets darker and colder until we hit Black Friday and Greedy Gut Day to round out the month, as we gear up for Xmas shopping exploitation... I think I'll go hide under the bed! JQ...

November Calendar Pix:

Turkey Day Small Pix