April 2016

The Bat Temp

Well, here it is April already and we're doin' something a li'l different this month... No Easter Calendar with the Bunnies an' Eggs an' stuff - because well, this is one of those odd years where Easter slipped into March... So what we're going to do instead is commence a new story arc with Bunz & Katz - and for once, I actually have the Calendar posted on time -- and the B&K page posted in sync with the Calendar - You can read the beginning of the story at Bunz and Katz.com (or just click on this link)... Because Y'know, in this great comic universe (and if you don't think it's "Comic" try watchin' the Electoral Debates - what a bunch of Clowns!) Yes, in this great comic universe, even a Hero needs some time off now and again... And when they do, who're they gonna call to fill in for them? Why, the BAT TEMP, of course... With apologies to Bob Kane and Bill Finger...

Due to a tragic error of judgement, plus the chronic ailment known as "Lakomunny", Bunz & Katz are turned loose in the Urban Jungle, their mission to keep the peace - or if not that, to take a piece out of the Crooks!! Felons beware, your days are numbered with the Bat Temp on the prowl!! No Mugger is safe! No 2nd story man is out of their reach! No Purse Snatcher is beyond their Grasp! No Jay Walker is going to walk away! Will the Villains cower and hide at the sinister symbol of the Temp-Signal... or just stick around to get a good laugh? Well, um... let's hope that someone gets a laugh out of this!

And for any Lawyers reading our little Promo piece - Holy Parody Temp Fans!! JQ

But that aside - should mention that Kelly has her own Facebook page!! Check in and see what she's up to - Okay?? JQ


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