October 2016

Bunny Sphinx Ride

It seems that many collectors cherish ancient artifacts for their historical value... others for their artistic merit... still others for mere prestige... Victoria, however, seems to have her own... um, criteria for collecting...

Which brings us to October, when we normally present a calendar featuring the creepy and the ooky, mysterious and spooky -- and, well, this year is no different -- except that this year we journey to Saqqara, Egypt, ancient Third Dynasty necropolis - the site of the original Step Pyramid of Djoser - also the Pyramid complex of Pharaoh Pepi I (Who wasn't feeling all that Peppy one day, so they buried him) - there's even a "buried" Pyramid there, plus many other lost tombs and such -- Not to mention a rather curious little lunch-wagon selling camel-flavored slurpy-pops... (Whatever you do, DO NOT TRY ONE!!)

All that aside, for our calendar pix this month, we present a scene inside... well, exactly which lost tomb Victoria and Kelly may be groping their way through... er, that is, exploring in the darkness, I'm not exactly certain -- although looks like they may have discovered a bit of trouble! (That is, Kelly may soon have more to worry about than just Vicky...)

I should also mention that, along with the Calendar, we will also be running a long-lost "secret origin" piece, penned in ancient times - waaaay back in 1994 -- featuring Kelly O'Hare prior to her becoming Cutey Bunny... Which not incidentally, just happens to also be set in Saqqara, Egypt (What an Amazing Coincidence!) -- This will be the first time that this story fragment has been exposed to public scrutiny... So should you wish to give it an intense scrute, check over on Kelly's Facebook page, where it will most likely be posted - Oh... along about any time now... JQ

October Calendar Pix:

Saqqara Small Pix