January 2016

Bunny Shrugz

Well, here we are with a brand new year - new thrills, - new excitement - same old stuff to worry about... Crime in California... Crisis in the Middle East... Trump in Newark... Sox in Cellar... So, how do you like it so far??

The Big news here at the Quagmire Quomix Werkz is that Cutey has her own new Facebook page!! Well... Perhaps that isn't exactly "Big News"... but it is some news... I mean, not a lot goes on around here...

Meanwhile, for this month's calendar, we have a candid Photo of Kelly wondering what to post on her new page... While her chum Heather is wondering whether she'll get posted in her less-than-skimpy-neglegee in the background... And if you wanna find out too, go check out that Facebook page!.. JQ

Kelly's Selfie is on her Facebook Page, Click in the link for a quick peek at it...


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