March 2016

Heather Gladiatrix

When comes March, we often think of the Ides thereof, and a certain unpleasant incident which occurred on that date circa 44BC (that's Before web Comix)... However, our calendar this month concerns the Roman Colosseum, which was constructed rather later and which would become the greatest venue for violent entertainment that the world had yet known! (That is, until the invention of TV)... Yes, the great Colosseum, where battled gladiators, fierce wild animals and hapless victims, all for the sadistic crowd's morbid pleasure!

But, along with wild Lions devouring helpless captives - Tigers ripping apart defenseless heretics - hungry Leopards shredding their shrieking quarry with razor sharp claws - there also transpired what would become the most stunningly unpopular event in the bloody history of the Colosseum, the infamous Kitten Rampage!!

Unlike the the bloody gladiatorial contests and Christian barbecues presented by such Emperors as Commodus the Cruel and Nero the Mad, this event was the brainchild of the Emperor Poltroonus the incompetent, who reigned for all of three days during the year of the four Emperors - Who sought to outdo his predecessors with a truly new and unique spectacle... That is, with a horde of cute little mewing moggies attempting to cuddle the confused Gladiatrix, who'd been rubbed down with Catnip... The Roman spectators, infuriated by this lack of brutal mayhem, immediately mobbed the Emperor, who was subsequently fed to a hungry lion...

*Ahem* so who says that these cartoon calendars aren't educational??

Which reminds me - For those of you who're keeping score - Continuing with our theme of Calendrical Mayhem, the Next Bunz & Katz page, has something or other to do with that unpleasant incident circa 44BC, which we mentioned in our intro paragraph... Uh Huh... JQ

But that aside - should mention that Kelly has her own Facebook page!! Check in and see what she's up to - Okay?? JQ

Kitten Rampage Censored

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