November 2012

Io Cover-Up

Hey! If you liked last month's calendar - you'll Love it even more this month!! 'Cause y'see, as we were sooo late for October - I thought, might as well just renumber the Mars Calendar for November and use it again... Yep, so here you are: "A Stalker on Mars" - take two!!

And of course, this being November, also brings us that great 'Merican tradition of: "Turkey Day"... NO, I don't mean "Thanksgiving" - I mean that other day, when we get to Vote for the Turkey of our choice!! I gotta admit that I've been somewhat disenchanted with Prez Obama - However when you consider the alternative: Romney (Rhymes with Baloney) This guy is selling pure Snake Oil plus a reshuffle of all the worst laid plans of Bush Junior *Gak*!!

Oh Well... For some hopefully positive news - over the past year or so, We here at Quagmire Komix Werkz, have been workin' on a new Strip filled with Fun, Excitement and Stupidity! And what's more - It's just about ready for it's debut - though for the time being, all you get to see is this bit of a teaser promo pix (on our opening page) - with any luck I'll have the new site up an' running before the end of this month-- So check back here for updates... Uh Huh... JQ

NASA Cover Up Uncovered!!

Now it can be told: Mars rover Curiosity discovers new evidence of Water on Mars! (Mostly Bath Water) - While roaming the interior of the Gale Crater on the Red Planet - looking for signs of ancient H20 - probing the possibilities of ancient life - examining the evidence of ancient geology - and perhaps involved in a bit of Stalking on the side... This revealing photo has been denounced as a blatant fraud by NASA - Yet they can offer no credible alibi as to the whereabouts of Curiosity during the time when this Photo was initially transmitted!! Or it could all be some crackpot ploy by an irresponsible cartoonist who shall remain nameless... (But let's not go there)...

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