May 2012

Shocked Bunny

Well Hey, It's May - With everything else goin' on, it almost snuck up on me here... So, there I was, lookin' around for something that I could do which was quick and not overly complex - when I stumbled upon this older, nearly complete, unused calendar - originally prepared for September 2009... I apparently replaced this pix for the more topical "Hubble Trouble" calendar (If you're interested, it's in our old Cutey Calendars section) and then pretty much forgot about this one...

So it seems, back in the fall of 2009, Kelly and Vicky were headed for a retro '60s concert... or were they? What may have been the outcome of this little tryst, we may never know - though I have heard rumors of some implicating photos - but try as I might, I've been unable to uncover any of these... Drat the luck!!

In any case, hope you enjoy this glimpse of their little frolic in the garden... As for myself, it's back to work on the comix an' stuff... JQ

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