October 2012

Io Cover-UpCuriouser & Curiosity:

NASA Cover Up Uncovered!!

or: Setting new Low Points for Lateness...

Yes, the Calendar which was late last month is even later this month... But hey, it's NOT my fault! It was all due to a massive NASA Coverup! Government insiders have been keeping pressure upon us not to reveal this shocking Photo - which, if it doesn't reveal all, at least reveals a fair bit!!

But now it can be told: Mars rover Curiosity discovers new evidence of Water on Mars! (Mostly Bath Water) - While roaming the interior of the Gale Crater on the Red Planet - looking for signs of ancient H20 - probing the possibilities of ancient life - examining the evidence of ancient geology - and perhaps involved in a bit of Stalking on the side... This revealing photo has been denounced as a blatant fraud by NASA - Yet they can offer no credible alibi as to the whereabouts of Curiosity during the time when this Photo was initially transmitted!!

Or it could all be some crackpot ploy by an irresponsible cartoonist who shall remain nameless... (But let's not go there) In any case - as this month's calendar is so late, will probably renumber it and repost the thing for November as well... After three months, it might actually get posted on time... Though I also have a different "Turkey Day" calendar in preparation - so may post that too... or maybe not...

Oh well... Sorry 'bout that Chief... JQ

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