DecXmas Deerember 2008

Well here we are in December - Just past Pearl Harbor day... Seems this is about the latest that I can recall posting a calendar... No real excuse - Had the thing mostly done, then set it aside for a while -- as I seem to have been overcome by a case of "Don't Give a F*ck Ittus"... Guess I'm not really enthused about Xmas or anything else right now... So it sat there a few weeks while I took care of other things...

As for what the Pix is about - Seems that the Bunnies are planning on helping Santa pull his sleigh or some-such this year... Its based on a sketch that I did, back in 93 - Click here to see the Original... An being very good li'l Bunnies, I imagine that they'll find something nice in their stockings as well... Hmmm, taking a second look, seems that they already have something pretty nice in their stockings... Uh Huh... JQ

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