Jurassic Chic

January 2008

Once upon a Time in the Jurassic

For our New Years Calendar this year, let's go back to some 160 million years ago -- back to the Jurassic -- back when the new year was really new... This candid shot of the Stegosaurus and friend, comes in two versions - topless - and furry halter top... (YES, we’re talkin’ about the Chic, Not the Dino!) So once again a precautionary note: If any of you feel that a topless Cave Chic might offend you - Rot your brain - Cause excessive Grief and Anguish, Acne, Ingrown Toenails, or unsightly skin rash... Then Please don’t click on that link! Instead click on one of the guaranteed wholesome linx, featuring the chic with her furry halter top... (Which I might add, is still quite fetching)... JQ

Click Here for the slightly Naughty Topless Versions

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