Bunny Pixified

January 2008

Well, here we are in February - another Valentine's Day, which provides a convenient excuse for yet another Bunny-Mash Calendar... This also being a Leap Year, that means 29 days in the month, so we get one whole extra day for the same rent (Whoopee!) Or you could look at it as, Skipping one extra day to pay the rent... Unfortunately it's also Election year, and I kinda wish we could skip that too... I mean, every one of the Bozos who are running seem to suffer from some kind of Electile Dysfunction... Including Hillary... But then, almost any of them Bozos are preferable to the Bozo we've got... So, even though we can't win, we can't lose that badly either... Maybe...

Hey, how many of you caught the Obama - Hillary debate last night? (Jan. 31st) Yeah, I know... I missed it too... *Yawn*... But unlike most of you, I was nearby--Deep Underground, riding the Red Line Subway beneath the Kodak Theatre. It was interesting to see there were special Ossifers with Bomb-Sniffing Dogs aboard, checking out the subway passengers... Now WHO would want to blow up Obama and Hillary?? (and the subway along with 'em?)  If you ask me, there's only one group Wacked Out - Crazed an' generally Conscienceless enough to try that... Yep, they should'a had Republican-Sniffing Dogs... JQ

Calendar Pix Flipped
For those of you who would rather have the Calendar Numbers on the left hand side, try this Flipped Calendar... (Large size only)...

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