Congrats Bunny StarzNovember 4th 2008

Well, seems we are living in Momentous Times... As someone who grew up in the 50s, I honestly never thought that I’d live to see the day when a black man could be elected President of the US of A... But tonight, here we are -- Yes, we’ve come a long way - Though truth to tell, we have even farther to go! Still it is hopeful to see that the human race, as faulty and inept as we are -- we are capable of making some progress in learning to be decent to one another...

And like most of you tonight (the 4th of Nov.) I sat up listening to the election results... Though unlike most of you, I was also coloring the calendar pix that I’d failed to finish earlier (due to needing to finish a (hopefully) paying job)... but with that job more or less out of the way, I thought perhaps I could get the calendar done as well, at the last moment and post it anyway... I mean, if I don’t use the joke now, I’ll need to wait at least 4 more years...

Its a li’l something for everyone... for those of you who wish to celebrate our new president with a Bouncy Bunny desk top Calendar...

Or: for those of you who voted the other way... We have “Equal time” for the other guy as Kelly "swings both ways"... Well we always kind'a suspected that she did... didn't we?

And I should say, to give credit where its due: McCain also showed a lot of class tonight in his concession speech-- Perhaps if he’d shown a bit more of that class in his campaign, instead of low blows and mudslinging, he might’ve done better... Or maybe not...

In any case - with our economy collapsing like a house of cards, its going to be a rough four years for the new administration - as it will be for most of us as well... Lets hope they all do their best... JQ

Kelly Swings Both Ways: Well we always Suspected that... didn't we??

Obama Bunny Pix

We Were With You All the Way Obama, Calendar Pix:

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