Kelly Pickin' FlowersMay Friday the 13th 2005

Well, here it is, Friday the 13th... I think maybe this is about as late as I've been with gettin' a calendar posted.... Hard to say why, this week just seemed to fly by, and most of the time I spent workin' on some off the wall story ideas...

Credit where Creditz due Dept: "April Showers bring May Flowers" and since last month's calendar was about walkin' in the rain, seems someone wrote and suggested this Flower picking idea... Or anyway, some one suggested something -- I think... Actually my memory's a li'l vague right now and no time to scrounge through back Emails... So whoever you are out there, if you suggested something like this, and if you want credit, then just write to me and if I can locate your original Email to collaborate, then I'll post your name and thanx right here... Or if you'd just as soon remain anonymous, then that's okay too..

So anyway, for those of you who waited for this late Calendar... Sorry 'bout that - but then it is all Free folks... JQ