Middie VickySeptember 1st 2005 - Evening Update

Just a update here... the Street background for this month's calendar does seem a li'l dingy... so to brighten things up a tad, here's a 2nd version with the chix strolling past a Gazebo - or Pagoda, or whatever it is, while on their way to school... Tubbins is still hanging out as the traditional school boy tough - though had to move him father into the background..

September 1st 2005

Hey, It's September 1st and the Calendar is ready on time, on the first day of the month...! I don't have any explanation for this odd happenstance of having the Calendar actually done on time - It may have been those voices, those voices in my head, those li'l Saucer guys, or possibly a Commie Plot...

And this you may note, is our annual Back to School Calendar - which you've all come to expect... Uh... Come to think of it, we've never done a Back to School calendar before. have we..? -- And very likely, we won't do one again... So guess this is our very First annual series of One - Collect them All..!! JQ