BarStool KittenFebruary 13th 2005

Minor fix tonight - mostly on the kitten... Remember that this was just a blue pencil layout sketch that I colored - it was never intended to be the finished linework - though that's all we're going to have for this time around... JQ

February 10th 2005

Update, for those of you who may have downloaded a Calendar last night, (on the 9th) as we now have a new semi-colored version... This is probably about as finished as this pix is going to get (Unless I notice some glaring error) as I really have other things that need doing... I had originally intended on a somewhat more finished version, mostly in the line work, though still with the two main characters with the only colors (Other than Blues) - so guess this isn't too far off...

Oops! A li'l Later, Walt pointed out that I'd misspelled "Muzzily", so fixed that, along with a few other small touch-ups... JQ

February 9th 2005

Well here's the Feb Calendar, a li'l late but still in time for Valentines day... Sort of... I am a li'l surprised that no one wrote to complain about the lack of calendar for the first week or so of this month... doesn't anybody out there use these things any more..??

For whatever its worth, this sketch is an out-take from the yet to be completed Hard Boiled story... I had intended to do a more finished version of this, but dunno if I'll find the time now... Next month you'll probably get a calendar made up of Pix from the new Bronco story that Walt & I are working on... (Or possibly, to put it more accurately: Avoiding working on)...

Uh Huh... JQ