Hulla Bunny

August 2005


Yes, this last Friday, I interviewed with Apple Computer... Some of you may be wondering, "What possible interest would Apple have in a half crazed old Cartoonist like Quag..?" Well, apparently they came to their senses and thought so too, as the next day I received a call back telling me, "Sorry Charlie"...

But I suppose that's neither here nor there... What I'm really writing about here, is their Nondisclosure Form... Upon arriving at the designated interview location, myself and the others were presented with a multipage form for us to sign, a form basically explaining that we were not to divulge any secret info that may be revealed to us during the meeting... Well I read it through, and recalling back to the story of Digital Research and IBM - and how Digital's failure to sign IBM's nondisclosure agreement, handed Bill Gates the future... So figuring, "Hey, what could Jobs squeeze out of me, even if he wanted to?" I signed, then sat down and waited for them to tell me something cool an' secret about the new Intel Macs, or an iPod Shoe, or maybe even the return of "Open Doc"...

Unfortunately, none of that transpired... In three hours, I can't think of anything they told us that was more than passably interesting, and nothing scandalous or secret or that would so much as raise the eyebrow of any computer aficionado...

We were even cautioned about not posting the notes from the meeting on any of those Web gossip sites, "You know the ones." ... Well they didn't specifically list so does that mean that I'm off the hook..? Gee, here I am with the opportunity to spill everything and with nothing to say... So, what the Hey? I'll mention the refreshments... For sitting there 3 hours, they gave use each a bottle of water... NO Jolt Cola, No coffee, no diet Squirt... not even some putrid herbal tea... Jus' some Friggin Water... Jeese!!

Over at the Apple suite in the MGM Building, at least they had various Macs to play with, but here... Nada, nothing..! Now I realize that Mr. Jobs gets by with a salary of only one buck a year. And I realize that I was only there due to a serious lapse of judgement by Apple's recruitment staff... but Water..??

PS: Mr. Gates, If you are reading this, For a modest consideration, I will be willing to send to you, in a plain brown envelope, all the truly secret notes from the meeting... Uh huh... JQ

As for the Calendar - Well I did eventually get the Bunny toned and tanned... sorry for the delay - just more things came up than I had anticipated... But here she is in all her Bunniness... Leastways I've got the September Calendar sketched out now - So perhaps it will actually be finished on time... JQ